Your sponsorship directly impacts the health of vulnerable children and their families. Select the tabs below for a description of events. For additional information, please contact Kelsey Brozek at (402) 502-8940.

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OneWorld Milagro Dinner 2017

2017 OneWorld Milagro Dinner

Thank you to everyone who helped OneWorld RISE!
Thanks to the generosity of donors, silent auction participations and everyone in attendance, last year’s Milagro Dinner raised $128,000. Proceeds for the night will directly support programs that provide essential services to OneWorld patients in need.

Each year, OneWorld Community Health Centers invites its supporters to come together to celebrate the miracles that volunteers make happen! We call this celebration the Milagro Dinner. Milagro is a Spanish word meaning “miracle.” OneWorld provides quality health care to people who, because of their economic status, might otherwise fall through the cracks. More than 37,771 individuals were cared for in 2016. That’s a lot of miracles that add up to a healthier community for everyone.
For more information please contact Kelsey Brozek at (402) 502-8940.

Spring Event

OneWorld Spring Event

OneWorld’s Spring Event is a baseball-themed event. Proceeds from this event benefit OneWorld’s Baby Boutique, an incentive program that encourages women to seek early and consistent prenatal care by providing them with baby essentials that they may not be able to afford.

For more information please contact Kelsey Brozek
at (402) 502-8940.

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