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Earlier this year, OneWorld Community Health Centers began a partnership with Community Alliance to address the comprehensive health care needs of persons battling mental illness. A clinic is open specifically for Community Alliance clients and the results have been remarkable. Watch this video to see how individuals are being impacted by having access to quality health care.

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OneWorld Community Health Centers is ranked 9th in the country for clinical quality out of 1,202 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). The rankings are the result of findings by the Uniform Data System (UDS), the core set of data used to review the operation and performance of community health centers. The UDS tracks a variety of information, including patient demographics, services provided, staffing, and quality of services.

OneWorld CEO Andrea Skolkin said, “OneWorld’s exceptional ranking comes from increasing access to care and for screening vulnerable populations for chronic conditions such as tobacco use, immunizations, cholesterol and hypertension. These rankings prove what we have known all along. OneWorld provides only the highest level of care to all our patients, including those who are the most vulnerable. By increasing access to care, we are able to reach out to those who need us most.”

OneWorld provides quality affordable health care and individuals are welcome with or without insurance, including Kids Connection, Medicaid and Medicare. OneWorld operates nine clinical locations in Omaha; including the clinic at the Historic Livestock Exchange Campus in South Omaha, OneWorld West on 120th and I Streets, Northwest Omaha near 90th and Fort Streets, Cass Family Medicine in Plattsmouth, Crossroads to Health and Recovery at Community Alliance, a mobile dental clinic and four school-based health centers at Bryan High School, Indian Hill, Spring Lake and Liberty elementary schools.

Established in 1970, OneWorld Community Health Centers, in partnership with the community, provides culturally respectful, quality health care with special attention to the underserved. OneWorld is a federally qualified health center (FQHC) and provides comprehensive primary health care, dental, mental health/substance abuse services, and affordable medications. For more information, visit us at

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Trancito (left) and Longfellow Marquez

Trancito has been married for 27 years and is the father of six children. A work related injury two years ago left Trancito unemployed, in pain and growing increasingly depressed. He realized he was under stress due to his physical problems and was losing his family.

Trancito turned to OneWorld and met Longfellow Marquez, a behavioral health therapist. “When I saw Trancito for the first time, he was hopeless and I wondered if he would get better,” said Longfellow. “Longfellow is helping me think in a different way and I’m very thankful for the help,” said Trancito. “After my accident I felt abandoned. I had no medication for my chronic pain and no money. I received my medication at a reduced price from the OneWorld pharmacy, and because of the resources of the clinic I’m receiving mental health services.”

Longfellow no longer sees a hopeless man in Trancito since they began working together. “A few weeks ago he told me for the first time that he felt happy.” As for Trancito, he is grateful to OneWorld and to Longfellow. “I didn’t realize how much I was hurting my family before. Now I’m working on getting closer to them.”

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The Milagro Dinner and Silent Auction will be held Thursday, November 13 in the ballroom of the Historic Livestock Exchange Building, 4920 S. 30th Street. The event will honor members of the medical community who have helped further OneWorld’s mission.

Our speaker is Peter Edelman, a Professor of Law at Georgetown Law Center. On the faculty since 1982, he has also served in all three branches of government. During President Clinton’s first term he was Counselor to HHS Secretary Donna Shalala and then Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. Earlier in his career he was a Legislative Assistant to Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Issues Director for Senator Edward Kennedy’s 1980 Presidential campaign. Mr. Edelman’s latest book, So Rich, So Poor: Why It’s So Hard to End Poverty in America, was published by The New Press in the spring of 2012.


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Baby boutique

Boutique 1

Boutique 2

Since opening in September 2013, 498 new parents have stopped by the Baby Boutique to “purchase” brand new items for their babies.
Funded by generous grants from the Senator Gwen Howard, Lozier Corporation, the March of Dimes, the Omaha Community Foundation, the Amy L. Scott Foundation and Woodmen of the World, the Boutique stocks diapers, wipes, outfits, onesies and many other baby necessities.
The Baby Boutique is open two days a week and staffed by volunteers from the Friends of OneWorld. Last year, OneWorld provided prenatal care to nearly 1,200 women.
The Baby Boutique encourages women to seek early and consistent prenatal care while providing baby essentials that many of our families cannot afford. For example, the average newborn needs seven to eight diaper changes per day. At approximately $30.00 for a box of 80 diapers, the cost can be staggering for a young family struggling to make ends meet.
OneWorld prenatal patients receive OneWorld “bucks” by attending prenatal care appointments. These “bucks” are redeemable in the Baby Boutique for new baby items.
On a recent visit, Ruth Vasquez stopped in with her son Evan. Ruth is expecting another boy in May. She enjoys the Baby Boutique experience and said, “It’s a great motivation to make sure to come to appointments and classes, like Centering Pregnancy.”
Gloria Amemou had her first baby, Jayden, on March 18, and had nine “baby bucks.” She stocked up on diapers, wipes and bibs and said she was “very pleased with the selection. The clothes are super cute!”
Volunteering that day was Meredith Weitz, vice president of the Friends of OneWorld board. When asked why the Baby Boutique was important to her, she replied “I’m a mom of three and I know how challenging it is raising kids. This is such a great service for the patients. It encourages them to keep coming to their appointments and to take care of themselves and their babies.” Meredith went on to explain why she volunteers her time to work in the Boutique, “It’s fun to see people come in, anticipating their babies being born. This is a joyful time in their lives. It’s a wonderful way to give back.”

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The OneWorld Back to School Bash is back and bigger than ever! The Back to School Bash is a family event for OneWorld patients to give them one last chance to celebrate before school begins again for the fall.
This year, events are being held at OneWorld West from 2-4pm on August 6, OneWorld Northwest from 2-4 pm on August 7 and the big celebration at OneWorld’s Livestock Exchange Campus on 30th and L Streets from 11-2pm.
All of the events will feature crafts and booths, face painting, refreshments, a bounce house and a visit from Dora the Explorer.
The Back to School Bash is part of National Community Health Center Week, which is observed to showcase the important role that community health centers play in our communities.
For more information about the Back the School Bash, please contact Pam Monsky, 402-619-5302 or email

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When Tim Robinson retired at 62, his insurance coverage ended. Too young for Medicare, he paid out of pocket for routine medical visits.
“One day I was at another medical provider’s office, and after the check up, the doctor asked me if I needed my flu shot, and I said sure. The bill for the shot was $150! That’s when I started shopping around for another option.”
Tim came to OneWorld’s West Omaha clinic and saw Physician’s Assistant Misty Swierczek. “It was a huge blessing to come in and pay $35 to see the PA. On my first visit, she discovered I had deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the leg) and I had to go to the hospital. Now I’m on blood thinners and doing just fine.”
When Tim started receiving Medicare, he stayed with OneWorld because he was so happy with the care. Tim is also diabetic and hadn’t been keeping his blood sugar under control. “Misty connected me to a diabetic educator and nutritionist and I learned so much! I’m in the best control I’ve been in years!”
Karen McClelland, Tim’s OneWorld diabetic educator, did some research and found that he qualified for a discount drug program. “That lifted a big burden off of me,” said Tim. “Now I can afford my insulin.”
Tim said that his motivation for taking control of his health comes from his family. “My grandfather died from diabetes at age 65, the same age I am now. I didn’t get to know him and I really want my two grandkids to know me.”
Diabetic educator Karen McClelland said, “Tim is definitely a man of action!  He had the desire to improve his diabetes control so he took action, despite some challenges, to make it happen.  Tim sees his provider, Misty Swierczek, for diabetes checkups regularly.  He communicates with me weekly.  He checks his blood sugar and takes his insulin/diabetes pill daily.  He met with the dietitian to learn more about nutrition and monitors his food daily. Tim now has excellent diabetes control.  His success is an inspiration to us all.”
“I’m so grateful that the clinic exists,” said Tim. “People have no idea the quality of care that’s offered at OneWorld.”

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Thanks to everyone who participated to raise $11,493, surpassing our goal of $11,456, one dollar for every child we cared for in 2013!! We had 230 donors and every single one made a difference in the lives of our patients! Thank you again and congratulations to the Omaha Community Foundation and the people of Omaha for raising over $6.3 million for local non-profits!FB Day After TY post