andre-skolkinOur growth and outreach this past year will allow us to touch more lives and continue our mission of providing culturally respectful, quality health care with special attention to the underserved. Thanks to our generous donors and the Omaha community, we are now caring for more people than ever before. In 2012 24,673 patients called us their health care home, an increase of 7.5% over last year, from all parts of the metro.

Our Livestock Exchange Campus now includes a state-of-the-art Women’s Health Center. Our new Quick Sick urgent care has expanded hours, adding nine exam rooms as well as rooms for patient education. And our administrative team has a new home, making room for the WIC Clinic to move into the old space and join the rest of our services under one roof.

The need for professional and affordable medical care is clearly evident all over the city. We opened a clinic in West Omaha, which has been busy since opening day. We have new partnerships with Community Alliance and will open a new School Based Health Center at Bryan High School. The Caremobile mobile dental clinic partnership with Ronald McDonald House continues to bring quality dental care to the children who need it most.

We are preparing for the changes that are associated with the Affordable Care Act through staff training and public education. As health care reform evolves, we will be positioned to take the lead in the community to guide patients through the process.

We have a vision for the future in which OneWorld is the innovative model for integrated health care for all people in our community…to strengthen and support every individual, one day at a time.

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