May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and at OneWorld, we know that our patients’ mental health is just as important as their physical health. Our experienced behavioral health professionals and our team of social workers work alongside medical clinicians to help patients manage issues like depression, family concerns, anxiety, trauma, risky behaviors and more. Patients don’t even need to wait to schedule a separate appointment to meet with a behavioral health professional for the first time—our team members come to patients’ previously scheduled medical appointments as needed, and from there, they can arrange for follow-up appointments.

Behavioral Health professionals are able to help our patients of all ages at all of our locations. Recently, School-Based Health Center Therapist James Connelly was able to help a young patient with a family situation. The student attends Bryan High School, and in a previous session with Connelly, she had admitted to occasionally skipping school. Soon after that session, the student and her mother came back to the School-Based Health Center together, and the student was visibly upset.

“She had been caught cutting school and had been grounded from the family Cinco de Mayo celebration,” Connelly said. “I provided a brief intervention, resulting in the patient and her mother reconnecting emotionally based on understanding each other. The patient apologized in tears to her mother, and they renegotiated her consequence so that the patient could attend the party…I was glad to be a small part of a good moment.”

Behavioral Health staff members are also equipped to help patients navigate through the process of receiving health care and assistance, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Jesus Solis, a Junior Social Assistance Worker was recently able to assist a woman who was stressed about the price of her medications.

“She was quoted $600 for her medications at a big-name pharmacy,” Solis said. “She allowed me to check with the OneWorld Pharmacy. As I repeated the prices from our pharmacy, I could feel the tension that was once in the room slowly begin to disappear.”

Solis told her that her new price for medication at OneWorld was about $113, and the patient broke down in tears, apologized and thanked him for his help. With assistance from OneWorld, she was able to afford the medication she needed.

Whether our patients need help coping with family issues, combating stressors in their lives or accessing community resources, our Behavioral Health team is prepared to meet their needs.

“I want to thank the Behavioral Health Team here at OneWorld for all that they do to increase awareness, engage in prevention and provide interventions, treatment and referrals for our OneWorld patients,” Gloria Gonzalez-Kruger, OneWorld’s Behavioral Health Director, said. “Each member of the team….works each day to positively impact the social, behavioral, mental and psychiatric needs of our patients and their families.”

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