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OneWorld believes all people deserve access to quality healthcare and education about their health. Immunizations are essential protection for you, your friends and family and your community. Many diseases and viruses have been eliminated or reduced because of vaccines. Timeliness is another vital piece to protecting you and your loved ones.
Immunization awareness is nationally observed every August to highlight the importance of timely vaccinations, and educate people on how they can defend themselves from serious diseases throughout their lives.

Children and adults have recommended vaccines based on many factors including age, geographic location and health conditions. To help keep you on track, the CDC has an Interactive Vaccine Guide to help inform parents and guardians about the immunizations recommended during pregnancy and throughout your child’s life. There is also an Adult Vaccine Assessment Tool for more information on vaccines for adults.

OneWorld and the Office of Minority Health encourage you to speak with a health care professional about what vaccines you and your loved ones need and when you need them to be best protected.

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