Young people under age 25 face a wide range of issues. Staff members at OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center are prepared to provide comprehensive health care and support services designed especially for this age group.

According to Amy Lacroix, M.D., a physician at the Teen and Young Adult Health Center, the clinic is able to help young people with everything from sports physicals to reproductive health services, but recently, a number of patients have come to the clinic seeking help with stress. When patients present these types of challenges, providers do all they can to help patients better manage stressors and alleviate any consequences.

Lacroix said that a young woman recently came in seeking relief for headaches. After meeting with the patient, the clinic staff determined that her pain was likely stress-induced. Her headaches started a few months prior to her appointment, around the same time she and her mother moved in with her estranged father. As a result, the patient was living in a new situation, going to school, working every day and caring for both her own child and her little sister. She was also sleeping in the same bed as the children, so she was not getting enough sleep.

“We had a long talk about how stress can be why people have things like headaches and lack of sleep, and we talked about ways to protect her sleep and make some changes,” Lacroix said. “She was willing to do some things, like making the children a mattress on the floor, for starters. She met with our behavioral health therapist, Eric Stec, as well, who talked to her about other ways to manage stress.”

The clinic’s proximity to South High School also provides teens who are stressed about adjusting to a new school (and sometimes to a new country and language) with a nearby resource.

“Our behavioral health therapist was a counselor at South, so he’ll talk to them about the school and about how, if they’re having problems, they can come back and see him anytime,” Lacroix said. “We’re here, and they can just walk over after school if they want.”

In the last year, teens and young adults from 51 zip codes visited the clinic more than 1,400 times to receive health and behavioral health services. When combating stress or other challenges, young people in Omaha can rely on the staff at OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center to help them find age-appropriate, affordable health care solutions.

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