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At OneWorld, every patient has a right to the following:

      • Receive high-quality health care from clinicians who are experienced and trained to meet your medical needs.
      • Receive considerate and safe care that respects your social, religious and cultural values.
      • Maintain your privacy and receive confidential treatment.
      • Obtain full information about your medical condition.
      • Access any information compiled in your medical record.
      • Participate in decisions about your treatment.
      • Accept or refuse treatment.
      • Be informed about advance directives and receive assistance with their formulation.
      • Receive information about any research that could affect your care.
      • Be informed and consent in writing to diagnostic procedures performed by our staff.
      • Receive appropriate, clinically approved methods to alleviate pain when those methods are available, necessary and meet your health needs.
      • Know the professional experience and certification of our medical providers, our Joint Commission accreditation status, and other measures of quality.
      • Receive affordable health care and information about the cost of procedures.
      • Obtain information about the health plans used by OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.
      • Influence the operation of OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc., through a board of directors who represent the communities we serve.
      • Benefit from a fair and efficient process for resolving differences with OneWorld Community Health Centers., and be informed of the grievance procedures used by health plans in which we participate.
      • Allow your guardian, next of kin or legally authorized responsible person to exercise your rights for you if you are unable to participate.
      • Receive available and medically appropriate care and treatment services, which are offered to patients solely on the basis of medical condition, without differentiation or consideration of race, sex, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status or ability to pay.

Each OneWorld patient has a responsibility to do the following:

      • Disclose relevant information and clearly communicate your wants and needs.
      • Become involved in specific health care decisions.
      • Work collaboratively with your health care providers in developing and carrying out agreed-upon treatment plans.
      • Avoid knowingly spreading disease.
      • Show respect for other patients and health care workers.
      • Avoid eating and drinking inside the health center.
      • Disclose financial information and pay for services responsibly.
      • Abide by administrative and operational procedures of health plans, health care providers and government health benefit programs.
      • Report wrongdoing and fraud to the appropriate authorities.
      • Use the OneWorld Community Health Centers, internal complaint and appeal processes to address concerns that may arise.
      • If a complaint concerning care and safety cannot be resolved by OneWorld management, the patient has the right to contact the Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring by either calling (800) 994-6610 or emailing

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