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OneWorld Community Health Centers welcomes medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy students interested in applying for our Clinical Student Program. Interested students must be in good standing with their school’s educational program and fluent in both English and Spanish for the medical and behavioral health programs.

Due to COVID Pandemic OneWorld makes changes to Student Program!

July 6, 2020

Clinical Rotations at OneWorld Community Health Center

Thank you for your interest in doing a rotation with us! OneWorld provides students with a unique learning environment, and the opportunity to see firsthand how public health and clinical care intersect. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, OneWorld has made several changes that affect our ability to accommodate students wishing to do rotations with us.

  • Students will be required to attend mandatory training on the use of PPE and policies regarding social distancing, call in procedures if sick and how to do active symptom monitoring and temperature checks daily.
  • Students will not be scheduled to work in areas where potential COVID + patients are seen. At OneWorld, this includes the CAT (Covid Assessment Team) and Quick Sick teams.
  • Some clinical areas may not be conducive to social distancing or having students during the pandemic. Students may not be scheduled to do Pediatrics at this time, or to work in the School Based Health Centers.
  • Due to the additional training involved, students must commit to a minimum of 100 hours during their rotation.
  • Students should be prepared to do telehealth visits. This is a major part of how we see patients now.
  • Students will be required to attend training regarding counseling patients who are COVID + or who have been exposed to COVID-19. You must attend this training session on the date it is scheduled, and you will be expected to make arrangements to attend this.
  • Students will then be scheduled for up to 8 hours per week doing telehealth to patients who have been tested for suspected COVID-19. As stated above they will never see these patients in person, but we feel it is a critical part of their education to learn about COVID management in a safe environment.
  • In order to accommodate both our need for social distancing of staff and providers, you will be asked to work at least one weekend during your month-long rotation.
  • Students may be asked to use their personal cell phone for telehealth calls. We can set you up with a Doximity account to block caller ID.
  • Telehealth calls will be done on campus in the training room with social distancing.

Goals of the Clinical Student Program

OneWorld Clinical Student Programs allow students to engage in shadowing, externship and/or clerkship rotation opportunities. The program is open to medical students (M1, M2, M3, M4, PA, APRN); nursing and health assistant students (BSN, LPN, associate nurses and HA/MA); dental students (dentists, assistants and hygienists); behavioral health students (counseling, MFT and social work); pharmacy students; and public health and administration students.

If you are interested in participating in the OneWorld Student Program, please complete the onboarding form below to start the process.


For more information, you may contact Tay Orr, Clinical Student Program Coordinator at 402-502-8860.

Thank you for your interest in OneWorld!

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