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I sing Dr. Alex Dworak’s praises very highly. I’m pretty critical of doctors and other people, but I have not found any problems. He listens to me. I ask him questions, he gives me honest answers…I really think he’s just top-notch. A great deal of praise and credit also goes to Dr. Jessica Downes, Clinical Pharmacist. She has worked hand-in-hand with Dr. Dworak to really be sure everything I receive and take and am administered is perfect.Leslie, a OneWorld patient who has been HIV-positive for 24 years
Just a short note of appreciation to the staff of OneWorld Quick Care. Recently, we had an international student visiting Omaha. She had an urgent medical issue that needed attention. We took her to OneWorld. The care she received was exceptional! The medical staff were kind, caring and thorough. You all should be so proud of this and know the value you have to our community. In deep appreciation for being there when we needed you.Amy Richardson
A shoutout to OneWorld’s emergency walk-in dental on North 90th St. in Omaha, NE. I went in for an emergency dental procedure (wisdom tooth No. 2 is gone) and you were FAST, you were KIND and you were CHEAPER than anybody else I checked out. Top-notch quality! Thank you for actually caring for your (international) patients…Absolutely great staff and doctor, Andrea.Vik Penner
I just had an amazing phone call with an electrician who wants to offer services to OneWorld. He said the reason he is reaching out is because he brought a friend to OneWorld West for help, and the way they were greeted and helped and the staff’s professionalism made him want to do business with us in any way he can.OneWorld employee
I wanted to express my great appreciation and thanks for the work that you do and the fine employees you have! I recently helped my sister apply to access your services, and our experience overall was wonderful. Employees in your offices in South Omaha were extremely helpful and efficient, such that my sister was able to take care of everything she needed and get back to her job on time. I especially want to thank Carlos in the Insurance Enrollment department, and Sara in the Financial department for their assistance. My sister has some developmental disabilities and thus has trouble understanding things at times, and both Carlos and Sara were patient and helpful to her in explaining the services for which she qualifies. I live in Denver, and I am so thankful you are there for low-income Omaha residents such as my sister!Jan K.


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