OneWorld’s Centering Pregnancy Program was started with funds from the March of Dimes Nebraska Chapter and brings together pregnant women with babies due around the same time. This group prenatal program allows patients to relax and get to know each and their providers other on a much deeper and more meaningful level. Members of the group share the common experience of pregnancy, birth and family care, and they often form lasting friendships that don’t happen with traditional prenatal care.

Centering Pregnancy group prenatal care follows the recommended schedule of 10 prenatal visits, but each visit is attended by the group of eight to 10 women and lasts 90 minutes to two hours. This gives women 10 times more time with their providers. At these appointments, moms are engaged in their prenatal care; they take their own weight and blood pressure, as well as record their own health data. They also have private time with the provider for their belly checks.

Once the health assessments are complete, the clinician and support staff “circle-up” with the moms, leading discussions and interactive activities designed to address important and timely health topics. Expecting moms learn about everything from nutrition, common discomforts and stress management to labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and infant care.

Numerous published studies show that Centering Pregnancy moms have healthier babies and that Centering Pregnancy nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm births. Centering Pregnancy moms better understand what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern, and they are also better prepared for labor, delivery and caring for their infants.

To make an appointment or find out more about OneWorld’s Centering Pregnancy Program, please call 402.734.4110.

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