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November is National Diabetes Month. Every day, OneWorld’s diabetes teams meet patients where they are and strengthen their abilities to manage their own care by optimizing their lifestyles, diet and exercise.

In early 2018, Modesto, a OneWorld patient, learned from his doctor that he had diabetes. A blood test revealed that his A1C level was 10.6 percent, meaning his blood sugar level was high. (For someone who doesn’t have diabetes, a normal A1C level is below 5.7 percent. People who have diabetes have higher A1C levels, so 7 percent or less is a common treatment target.) A higher A1C risk means higher risk of diabetes complications, so Modesto wanted to make a change.

“My doctor suggested that I speak with the diabetic nurse and the dietitian … to take part in my recovery,” Modesto said.

He began meeting with Karen McClelland, OneWorld’s Manager of Diabetes Education & Nutrition Services, and OneWorld dietitian Niki Kubiak regularly in order to learn how to manage his diabetes. He received nutrition counseling from Kubiak and began to make lifestyle changes. He spoke with McClelland often to discuss his blood sugars and medication.

“Karen and I were talking twice a week—now we’re down to once a week,” Modesto said. “My A1C was 10.6, two months later, it was 8.3 … and we just found out that it’s now 7.0.”

According to McClelland, this kind of improvement is remarkable.

“Modesto is a wonderful gentleman,” she said. “He is very engaged in his diabetes care. In two months, he reduced his A1C 2.3 percent … He mentioned today that he feels grateful to OneWorld for the care that he has received.”

In order to thank the diabetes team for their assistance, Modesto recently agreed to speak at a OneWorld press event about how these clinicians have made a difference in his life.

“It’s been the quality of care that OneWorld provided,” he said at the event. “I’m glad that I have the opportunity to thank them and do something in return for OneWorld, because it meant to so much to me to improve the quality of my life. It’s educated me—I read all the labels now!”

To learn more about diabetes care at OneWorld, click here or call (402) 734-4110 and ask to speak with the diabetes education team.

If you have prediabetes or other risk factors for type 2 diabetes, OneWorld’s free Diabetes Prevention Program can help you make modest lifestyle changes and cut your risk of type 2 diabetes in half. Visit or call (402) 502-8875 for more information.

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