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Trancito (left) and Longfellow Marquez

Trancito has been married for 27 years and is the father of six children. A work related injury two years ago left Trancito unemployed, in pain and growing increasingly depressed. He realized he was under stress due to his physical problems and was losing his family.

Trancito turned to OneWorld and met Longfellow Marquez, a behavioral health therapist. “When I saw Trancito for the first time, he was hopeless and I wondered if he would get better,” said Longfellow. “Longfellow is helping me think in a different way and I’m very thankful for the help,” said Trancito. “After my accident I felt abandoned. I had no medication for my chronic pain and no money. I received my medication at a reduced price from the OneWorld pharmacy, and because of the resources of the clinic I’m receiving mental health services.”

Longfellow no longer sees a hopeless man in Trancito since they began working together. “A few weeks ago he told me for the first time that he felt happy.” As for Trancito, he is grateful to OneWorld and to Longfellow. “I didn’t realize how much I was hurting my family before. Now I’m working on getting closer to them.”

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