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November is National Diabetes Month, and OneWorld is helping as many people as possible learn about symptoms to look for and how to treat diabetes if you receive a diagnosis.

One of the people we’ve helped this year is Reynalda Carbajal. Always smiling, Reynalda is a lovely person who worked hard to decrease her A1 c from 7.9% to 5.2%, in part through her attendance at OneWorld diabetes classes. There, she shared a fantastic free resource she found to work out at home – Cardio Virtual videos, which we implemented into our class. Reynalda also attended OneWorld weight management classes with dietitian Nichol Kubiak to help her work toward her health goals.

She is a member of the Asociación de Diabetes, which is held at OneWorld and was grown with love and dedication by Dr. Dethlefs. To help support the efforts of the Asociación de Diabetes, Reynalda has sold fresh vegetables grown by the Asociación members several times in the fl floor of the LSX building.
Great opportunity to highlight the mission, activities, and efforts of the Asociación de Diabetes.

More information about National Diabetes Month

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