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Congrats to Building Healthy Futures, Omaha Public Schools and our School-Based Health Center team! Since last July, just before the 2016 school year began, 3,936 local children and teens received care at a OneWorld School-Based Health Center (SBHC).

Under the direction of Sarah Miller, APRN, our director of medical services and School-Based Health Centers, OneWorld clinics are located in Bryan High School and in Indian Hill, Liberty and Spring Lake Elementary Schools. Services are available to all OPS students, regardless of the school they attend, and students’ siblings under the age of 19 can also receive care at the clinics. Children enrolled in early childhood programs at Head Start, Educare and Early Child Services’ Network of Excellence can also receive care at SBHCs.

Our School-Based Health Centers are not intended to replace a child’s regular health care provider, but the clinic’s staff members are available to provide supplemental care from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. SBHC staff members can diagnose and treat many common conditions (i.e. sore throats, ear infections, headaches, burns, scrapes, sprains and minor wounds), and they can perform school and sports physicals and give immunizations.

If students and their families do not already have primary health care providers, staff members will help them establish OneWorld as their health care home.

Special thanks to our SBHC team:

Director: Sarah Miller (APRN)

School Outreach and Enrollment Specialist: Adamira Ramirez

Bryan High School:
Julie Klahn (APRN), Sandra Armas
(402) 991-3904

Indian Hill Elementary School:
Tanya Martin (PA), Nora Guzman and Alicia Luna
(402) 933-4968

Liberty Elementary School:
Colleen Murphy (APRN-FP), Mindee Swanson (APRN), Aracely Gallegos and Johanna Martinez
(402) 505-8180

Spring Lake Elementary School:
Vicki Bangert (PA), Stephanie Braith (PA), Mindee Swanson (APRN), Alma Macall and Hanny Morales
(402) 932-7014

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