In an effort to promote respect for all and to counter the sentiments of hate that are circling the nation, OneWorld staff members, patients and friends created a human “circle of hope” in front of the Livestock Exchange Building on August 23rd. All who gathered wore blue and white ribbon pins (to represent the OneWorld colors) and formed a circle, passing blue and white ribbons for everyone to hold. Pat O’Hanlon, a OneWorld nurse and local musician, played the guitar and led the crowd in song. By standing together, our goal was to send a message to the community that everyone is welcome at OneWorld.

“We want to display and reinforce our mission and values and remind the community that everyone is welcome at OneWorld,” Andrea Skolkin, CEO of OneWorld, said. “OneWorld does not tolerate bigotry, racism, prejudice or hate. We support kindness and respect for everyone, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, immigration status or ability to pay.”

While hate and bigotry have been dominating national conversations lately, OneWorld wanted patients to know that OneWorld clinics are safe places, and we strive to provide inclusive care.

“Omaha is a welcoming city and always has been, and at OneWorld, welcoming people is our passion,” Skolkin said. “This event embraced our culture as one community.”

Watch footage of the Circle Up for Hope event in this WOWT story.

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