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When OneWorld case manager Laura Hernandez saw the glucose number from Mr. Marcial’s free health screening, she knew he needed to take swift action to protect his health. And through OneWorld’s community health services, he was able to do just that.

It all started one summer Sunday during a free health screening event at Rios de Alabanza church in Omaha. Mr. Marcial and three others arrived near the end of the event, but volunteer community health promoters Rocio Hernandez, Sara Alarcon and Maria Castañeda didn’t hesitate to make sure the group got screenings.

The volunteers told Mr. Marcial that his glucose reading was quite high – 451 – and shared information with him about glucose and healthy eating. Hernandez offered to help Mr. Marcial make an appointment at a OneWorld clinic to get a diagnostic test that would confirm the screening result and help determine his next steps in taking care of his health.

The clinic was able to see him that same day, and during his visit, Dr. Dethlefs administered an A1C test that showed an elevated level. Mr. Marcial left with a prescription for medication and an appointment with a diabetes educator to help him better understand his diagnosis and the lifestyle changes he would need to make.

Just a week later, Mr. Marcial and his wife returned to the Outreach Department for another glucose test, which showed his levels in the normal range. In addition to taking the prescribed medication, Mr. Marcial and his wife had already changed their food preparation habits.

As they left, they thanked the volunteers profusely for helping Mr. Marcial realize he had diabetes and told them they were “angels fallen from heaven that are there to help us.”

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