September is Sexual Health Awareness Month. Organizations across the country are taking time this month to work toward decreasing the stigma that often surrounds sexual health care issues by promoting knowledge about topics like choosing birth control methods, preventing sexually transmitted diseases/infections and testing for STDs. OneWorld proudly provides quality, affordable sexual health care services at all its clinical locations, but this month, one OneWorld location in particular has taken an extra step toward promoting sexual health in our community.

OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center is dedicated especially to teens and young adults who are 12 to 24 years old, so sexual health is a primary focus of the clinic. Young people who are between ages 12 and 24 can come to the clinic (located at 4310 S. 24th St.–just across from South High School) for free birth control and free STD testing and treatment with or without their parents/guardians. The clinic always welcomes new patients, and the young people who visit the clinic are encouraged to bring friends, parents or family members with them to their appointments if it makes them feel more comfortable. They can also choose to come alone for birth control and STD-related appointments.

This month, OneWorld unveiled a new website devoted to the Teen and Young Adult Health Center: The site was intentionally created to look less like a clinical website and more like an information hub for teens and young adults. In addition to listing basic information about the clinic, the website features pages about topics like pregnancy, LGBTQIA+ health care, behavioral health, birth control and more. It also houses quizzes (like this one about birth control), “listicle” articles (like this one about STD prevention) and video content. Soon, it will also feature blog posts written by teens who belong to OneWorld’s Omaha Teen Generation group.

The new Teen and Young Adult Health Center website’s main goal is to make sexual and general health services feel more accessible and approachable for young people. We want to remind young people that we’re here for them for all their health needs, even the ones that might seem scary or embarrassing. Our highly qualified staff members are trained in all aspects of teen and young adult physical, emotional, mental and sexual health, and they are available to provide low- or no-cost, compassionate, confidential care during hours that work with high school, college and work schedules.

Learn more about OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center by visiting or by calling the clinic at (402) 502-8880.

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