When Tim Robinson retired at 62, his insurance coverage ended. Too young for Medicare, he paid out of pocket for routine medical visits.
“One day I was at another medical provider’s office, and after the check up, the doctor asked me if I needed my flu shot, and I said sure. The bill for the shot was $150! That’s when I started shopping around for another option.”
Tim came to OneWorld’s West Omaha clinic and saw Physician’s Assistant Misty Swierczek. “It was a huge blessing to come in and pay $35 to see the PA. On my first visit, she discovered I had deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the leg) and I had to go to the hospital. Now I’m on blood thinners and doing just fine.”
When Tim started receiving Medicare, he stayed with OneWorld because he was so happy with the care. Tim is also diabetic and hadn’t been keeping his blood sugar under control. “Misty connected me to a diabetic educator and nutritionist and I learned so much! I’m in the best control I’ve been in years!”
Karen McClelland, Tim’s OneWorld diabetic educator, did some research and found that he qualified for a discount drug program. “That lifted a big burden off of me,” said Tim. “Now I can afford my insulin.”
Tim said that his motivation for taking control of his health comes from his family. “My grandfather died from diabetes at age 65, the same age I am now. I didn’t get to know him and I really want my two grandkids to know me.”
Diabetic educator Karen McClelland said, “Tim is definitely a man of action!  He had the desire to improve his diabetes control so he took action, despite some challenges, to make it happen.  Tim sees his provider, Misty Swierczek, for diabetes checkups regularly.  He communicates with me weekly.  He checks his blood sugar and takes his insulin/diabetes pill daily.  He met with the dietitian to learn more about nutrition and monitors his food daily. Tim now has excellent diabetes control.  His success is an inspiration to us all.”
“I’m so grateful that the clinic exists,” said Tim. “People have no idea the quality of care that’s offered at OneWorld.”

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