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In July, OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center hosted a traveling art show with one of OneWorld’s partners, the Adolescent Health Project (AHP). AHP partners provide education, outreach and services related to sexual and reproductive health for Omaha youth and young adults.

The displayed artwork was created by five youth research interns, and all the art was based on their findings from a research project that they designed themselves. The interns collected data from Omaha teens aged 15-19, then they interpreted the data, compiled their findings and created a traveling art show to engage the community with their research.

The artwork was installed at several different locations in Omaha from late June through the end of July, and while it was at OneWorld’s clinic, it was displayed in the lobby area so that the pieces would be visible to any patients or visitors to the clinic.

According to a member of the AHP’s Evaluation Team, the purpose of the research was to inform the AHP of “teenagers’ encouraging and discouraging factors for obtaining STD testing.” The art included a sculpture representing the fear and misinformation reported by survey respondents, a photo series depicting the 30% of males who said their religious beliefs made them less likely to get tested for STDs and more.

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