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As a patient’s health conditions worsened, she became severely underweight. On the day of her medical visit, she took home food from the OneWorld Food Pantry. The next week she came for a follow-up visit, and she had gained weight! This patient is just one of the many who rely on the fresh fruits and vegetables distributed every week by OneWorld’s volunteer team.

Along with providing food, volunteers work closely with the patients to educate them about how to make healthy, delicious meals for their whole family. More importantly, they listen and answer questions. Our goal is to develop a friendly rapport with patients, so they know we respect and care about them. That way, they’ll always feel comfortable returning for care without shame.

December 5, 2019, was International Volunteers Day. OneWorld’s volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to enhance the health of individuals and the community in so many ways. They are aides in our health classes, serve in the food pantry, and work with new parents through our Baby Boutique. They’re always there when we need them.

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