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Sliding Fee Scale

Our sliding fee scale is available to help patients afford their health care payments. Fees for services are adjusted based on eligibility, family size and gross monthly income. Patients who are uninsured or do not have enough insurance and whose household income qualifies can apply.

The sliding fee scale is based on the federal poverty guidelines. We require documentation including proof of one month’s worth of income to determine the fees for services rendered. Fees may vary based on eligibility, family size and gross monthly income.

2024 Sliding Fee Scales

sliding scale fees
Medical & Behavioral Services*
Income Copay Amounts
U.S. Federal Poverty


Gross Monthly Income

Family of 4



Quick Sick Clinic


0–100% $0-2,600 $40 $60
101–125% $2,601-3,250 $50 $70
126–150% $3,251-3,900 $55 $75
151–175% $3,901-4,550 $60 $80
176–200% $4,551-5,200 $65 $85
* Tests, treatment and other services may be an additional fee. Reproductive health, Region 6 and other services utilize a different sliding fee.
sliding scale fees
Income Copay Amounts
U.S. Federal Poverty


Gross Monthly Income

Family of 4





Adult Periodontal*


0–100% $0–2,600 Nominal Fee Nominal Fee Nominal Fee
101–125% $2,601–3,250 70% 40% 60%
126–150% $3,251–3,900 65% 30% 55%
151–200% $3,901–4,550 60% 20% 50%
* Inquire about tests, treatments and other services that may have additional fees.
** Nominal Fees per Procedure for 0–100% U.S. Federal Poverty

Sliding Scale Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sliding fee scale?

A sliding fee scale is used to calculate the cost of services for uninsured patients and patients without enough insurance at their visit. The fees are calculated using patient gross household income and size and are updated annually or if your income changes.

What is the OneWorld sliding fee scale based on?

OneWorld’s sliding fee scale is based on U.S. federal poverty guidelines.

What if my household is larger than four members?

If your household consists of more than four people, please schedule an appointment with OneWorld’s patient financial advocates to calculate the fee that would apply to you. To schedule an appointment, please call (402) 502-8888.

What if I’m a Title X or Region 6 Program patient?

Title X and Region 6 Program eligible patients have a different fee discount schedule. For more information, please call (402) 502-8888.

How can I calculate the fee if I need to see a dentist or behavioral health counselor?

The cost for these services depends on the nature of your dental or behavioral health visit. Therefore, to calculate your fee, you should schedule an appointment with a patient financial advocate.

When is the fee due?

Fees are due at the time of your visit. If you are unable to pay your bill at the time of your visit, you must meet with a patient financial advocate to discuss payment options.