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In response to the precautionary measures implemented surrounding COVID-19, the OneWorld Community Health Centers Volunteer Program and its activities are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

The volunteer efforts this decision affects are:
· Administrative Support
· Baby Boutique
· Childcare and Child Learning
· Class Aides
· Dental Support
· Event Support
· Food Pantry
· Interpreting
· Patient Outreach and Reminder Calls
· Pharmacy Support
· Provider Aides

Updates, information, and resources (including food), can be found here:

OneWorld Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Since our first clinic opened in 1970, volunteers have been a vital part of OneWorld. Back then, our clinic never could have provided services to the community if not for those in the community, physicians and dentists who volunteered their services and skills. Today, volunteers and students continue to make important contributions to our mission of providing culturally respectful, high-quality health care to the underserved.

If you would like to see a list of current volunteer opportunities, please visit our SHARE Omaha page.

What our volunteers are saying about us
Giving our time, effort and resources is worthwhile for us because it is a way to share the talents we have with others who will benefit from them.Baby Boutique volunteer from Saint Gerald Catholic Church
If I can raise someone’s spirits by letting them know that people they do not even know care about them, I am happy to do this.Baby Boutique volunteer from Saint Gerald Catholic Church
I enjoy volunteering at OneWorld because it’s good to get exposure to a diverse patient population…You learn from the patients, and you learn from their situations, and you feel like you’re helping them in some small way.Dr. Debra Romberger, volunteer physician

Creighton Volunteer Students

We appreciate your interest in volunteering for OneWorld Community Health Centers. As an accredited clinic, OneWorld asks you to:

  • Complete a volunteer application
  • Interview for placement
  • Attend a general orientation session
  • Complete any appropriate health or drug screenings, when applicable
  • Present a valid photo ID

If you are a medical student or resident looking for clinical experience, please go to the Clinical Student Program page.


The first step to volunteering at OneWorld is to complete the application below. If you have submitted an application and have follow-up questions, please reach out to Angie Washington, Volunteer Supervisor at (402) 502-8917 or email

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