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A grateful heart

Dr. Therese Hennessy retires after nearly two decades of fervent service to OneWorld

Therese Hennessy, DO

For nearly 19 years, Therese Hennessy, DO, Associate Medical Director of Pediatrics, has walked into the Livestock Exchange Health building, taken the elevator to the second floor and turned right to enter the pediatrics department. On May 25, she will take this route one last time as a OneWorld leader and a career devoted to community health that spanned over 30 years.

While summing up a career into a few words is nearly impossible, the words, “family,” “gratitude” and “kindness” are at the core of her time at OneWorld.

Dr. Hennessy was integral to the original implementation of interdisciplinary programs that provide behavioral and mental health services to adolescents. Known for her insight, passion for the patient experience and sense of humor, Dr. Hennessy has been a beloved member of the OneWorld medical team.

“Dr. Hennessy has been a mentor, colleague and friend throughout my time here,” said Alex Dworak, MD, Associate Medical Director of Family Medicine. “She’s been there for me when I desperately needed support and I will be forever grateful to her for being there for me to allow me to be there for my patients and to my own family.”

Vicki Bangert, PA-C, MPAS, Associate Medical Director of the Quick Sick Clinic, said Dr. Hennessy was her children’s pediatrician when her family lived in Omaha.

“I remember her walking me through my son’s Henoch-Schonlein purpura (spring fever) diagnosis after a less than positive emergency room visit,” said Bangert. “It was a scary moment and something I had never seen in my own practice. Her reassurance and monitoring gave me the peace of mind that I needed at that time. I have learned a lot about pediatric care from her. She is always available to answer any questions about our pediatric patients and will be dearly missed by her colleagues.”

Dr. Hennessy has cared for thousands of children throughout her time at OneWorld. While she worked in the pediatrics department, she said the families as a whole were an amazing part of her journey.

“The families I have met have given me a new understanding of the goodness of human beings,” said Dr. Hennessy. “It has been an honor and a privilege to witness families cherish each other. Whatever I thought of the limits of human kindness are forever changed by the OneWorld families.”

Dr. Hennessy with a patient family.

Dr. Hennessy said the values of the OneWorld staff has been another highlight of her career.

“I cannot separate my respect and gratitude for patients from our OneWorld staff, many of whom are from the population we serve. I am comforted to know my patients will be in the good hands of the doctors, nurse practitioners, midwives, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, therapists, social workers and patient support teams. I am also thankful for the teams that get patients into OneWorld care including the phone staff, registration teams, along with the support of the IT, Administration, Human Resources and Development teams along with those who keep our doors open including Financial and Facilities teams.”

While Dr. Hennessy plans to take time to visit family and friends, she hopes to continue to be involved with OneWorld on a limited basis.

From all of OneWorld to you, Dr. Hennessy, thank you for sharing your heart with OneWorld for so many years.

Dr. Hennessy with a patient family and OneWorld staff.

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