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Carlos Giraldo Vanegas, MD headshot

Carlos Giraldo Vanegas, MD

In April 2022, Carlos Giraldo Vanegas, MD, returned to OneWorld Community Health Centers as an Internal Medicine Physician. Dr. Giraldo previously worked for OneWorld from 2014-2017 before returning to Colombia, his home country, to practice internal medicine at a university hospital in Bogotá from 2017-2022.

“I came back to OneWorld because I missed the environment of ownership and commitment to one cause,” said Dr. Giraldo. “Every clinician at OneWorld is integrated into the organization and is here because they are dedicated to serving those who need help the most.”

After earning his medical license in Colombia, Dr. Giraldo moved to New York to complete an internal medicine residency. In 2000, Dr. Giraldo began his medical career in humanitarian assistance with Doctors Without Borders. Over the course of 10 years, he provided medical services in 10 countries across Asia and Africa.

“During my time with Doctors Without Borders, I learned that social problems are invisible,” said Dr. Giraldo. “You can live somewhere for many years and not know there is severe malnutrition or an opioid crisis unless your reality is directly affected by these things. It’s the same with poverty, domestic violence and all other social issues.”

Dr. Giraldo is fluent in English, Spanish and French. He can also perform basic medical interviews in Persian.

“There are many Afghan refugees in Omaha, and I’m currently learning more Persian to be able to better communicate with that population,” said Dr. Giraldo.

Outside of the medical world, Dr. Giraldo enjoys spending time with his daughter, reading and listening to podcasts including NPR, Fresh Air and UnHerd.

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