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An Inside Look

OneWorld Spotlight

Headshot of Mark Huber, APRN

Mark Huber, APRN

Before Mark Huber, APRN, became a Family Nurse Practitioner at OneWorld, he worked as an emergency department nurse for five years. While he was attaining his nurse practitioner degree, Mark completed many of his clinical assessments at OneWorld.

“I really enjoyed working with the patient population and many of the providers at OneWorld,” said Mark.

In his free time, Mark, his wife and three children spend their days outside hiking and camping. Mark takes his love for the outdoors and working out to the next level by rucking, otherwise known as hiking with a weighted backpack.

When Mark graduated from Clarkson College, he joined the OneWorld team of Family Nurse Practitioners to combine his Spanish-speaking skills and medical knowledge to caring for the diverse patient community.

The Family Medicine clinicians offer a variety of services for patients including annual physicals, chronic disease treatment and more.

At OneWorld, All Are Welcome.

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