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An Inside Look at OneWorld’s Providers

Michelle Christensen, MPAS, PA-C & Stella Washington, MPAS, PA-C: Physician Assistants

Headshots of Michelle Christensen (left), Stella Washington (right)

Michelle Christensen (left), Stella Washington (right)

Aside from practicing Family Medicine at OneWorld Community Health Centers West clinic, Michelle Christensen, MPAS, PA-C and Stella Washington, MPAS, PA-C share a passion for travel, family and education.

Michelle and Stella both graduated from UNMC’s Physician Assistant program. To begin their careers, they practiced at various health systems and became board members for the Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistants.

When Michelle first saw the OneWorld West clinic, she didn’t know what community health was, but as an experienced health care provider, she wanted to learn more. Flash forward 7.5 years later, she’s one of our excellent providers at our West clinic!

“OneWorld supports their providers. The work culture, my colleagues and the challenging type of medicine that I can practice is so fulfilling,” Michelle said.

As their paths continued to parallel each other, Michelle found Stella at a NAPA event to tell her about a job opening at the West clinic. An Omaha resident for 30+ years, Stella said she watched OneWorld grow from an organization ran from the basement of a church to the medical system it is today.

“I have been and continue to be impressed with what OneWorld is. It has become a staple in the community, and I’m proud to be a part of it,” Stella said.

Michelle is the mother of two children, and proud co-owner of seven animals: three cats, two chinchillas, an Australian Shepard puppy and a Sun Conure bird. She is also a coach for a competitive club USA junior volleyball team.

Stella has three children, and is a new owner of a puppy. She and her family enjoy traveling to Mexico as well as domestic travel within the US.

Within the West clinic, Stella and Michelle are advocates for their patients in a multitude of ways.

Stella is a Mexican-American first-generation graduate. The first to go to college and then graduate school, she said she encourages her patients to respect their parents, stay in school and follow their dreams.

“I want them to know they can be anything they want to be,” said Stella.

Michelle, a non-Spanish speaker, says she works hard to use Spanish with her patients when she can, but she works with an interpreter at appointments to ensure she doesn’t miss any information.

Family Medicine patients can receive their annual physicals, health screenings, education and treatment for chronic diseases.

OneWorld provides care for the whole person. To learn more about our Family Medicine services, click here.

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