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Behavioral & Mental Health during Covid

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“We have seen in increase in depression and anxiety with the onset of Covid-19, said Kelly Dorfmeyer – Director of OneWorld Behavioral Services. We have been following up with patients who tested positive and offering them behavioral health services. Many people are dealing with financial problems due to loss of work or reduced hours from being ill or staying home and care for family and we want and need to be there for them.”

There is no doubt, this had been a year unlike any other we have experienced. Stress and anxiety for many adults and children have been at all-time highs. Job and financial strains have weighed heavy on many adults. Parents have faced the added stress of balancing work and supporting their children in remote learning. Many children have felt isolated from not being able to see their friends and some have developed anxiety about becoming sick and being placed back in social situations they have been removed from.

OneWorld believes in whole person care. Our physicians work collaboratively with therapists to provide treatment and support. This patient-centered care is solution focused on the patient’s symptoms, needs and goals in mind.

“It is very beneficial to have primary care physicians, therapists, psychiatrists and pharmacists with access to the same files and working closely together to provide the best care.”  – Kelly Dorfmeyer LiMHP Director, OneWorld Behavioral Health

In recent years as there has been more talk about mental and behavioral health, people have begun to view it as essential as physical wellness. Therapy and psychiatric care can be expensive and there are often long waiting list to be seen. At OneWorld, our patients have access to behavioral health services as part of their plan of care.

“It can be but does not have to be the same day they are seen for medical care. We want all of our OneWorld patients to know that they have access to behavior health services. We are here to see patients when needed.” – Kelly Dorfmeyer LiMHP – Director, OneWorld Behavioral Health

Tele-behavioral health appointments have also been very beneficial during Covid. “There has been an increase in patient appointments because of this added flexibility, said Dorfmeyer. It has help elevate the worry of not having transportation, stigma and worry about being seen in the clinic and the concerns of high risk individuals being out in the community and those who are caring for their family or are sick themselves are still able to call in for an appointment.”

At OneWorld all aspects of our patients’ health and safety is our priority.

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