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Code Pink

OneWorld staff work together to help laboring mother

Members of the Women’s Health team who assisted with the Code Pink.

In early December 2022, a OneWorld patient entered the Women’s Health clinic at the Livestock Exchange Health campus for her prenatal appointment. The front desk staff noticed the expectant mother was uncomfortable and appeared to be in pain, so she was immediately taken to an exam room for evaluation.

Within minutes a “Code Pink” was called; the mother was in labor.

“The patient came to OneWorld by herself via OneWorld transportation for her scheduled prenatal appointment,” said Women’s Health Clinical Services Manager, Jenna Pribnow. “She had obviously been laboring at home by herself because she was completely dilated. We’re fortunate to have the Women’s Health clinic be where it is so our pediatricians and other clinicians can be there for these situations in no time.”

While Code Pinks are rare, many OneWorld health assistants, nurses and clinicians quickly responded.

“I was coming out of another exam room and I heard the nurses talking to each other about calling a Code Pink,” said Meredith Rudish, CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife. “I quickly went to the exam room to help the patient and Dr. Peter Schindler, MD, Family Medicine Physician.”

In the exam room, Rudish said Dr. Schindler took the lead to comfort the patient, Diana Bruguera, RN, Registered Nurse, helped talk the patient through her contractions and Rudish stood by with gloves on, ready to catch the baby if needed.

Outside of the exam room, many OneWorld clinicians, nurses and health assistants took care of the other steps for the code, from calling the patient’s emergency contact, gathering emergency supplies and maintaining the laboring mother’s privacy.

“Once we knew the ambulance was on its way and that nothing dangerous was happening, I took a deep breath and looked over my shoulder,” said Rudish. “I saw Bruguera, Pribnow and Rochelle Loseke-Wray, all very seasoned labor and delivery nurses, and I thought ‘we’re good.’”

Emergency medical services quickly transferred the mother to Nebraska Medicine, and she delivered her healthy baby soon after. Both mother and baby recovered well and returned to OneWorld several days later for the newborn’s first appointment, much to the joy of the Code Pink team and OneWorld.

Reflecting on that day in clinic, Pribnow said the quick response across the Livestock Exchange Health campus was a true testament to OneWorld’s dedication to provide quality care.

“I think this Code Pink emphasized the strengths of our team, not only from prior work experience, but the entire team works so well together,” said Pribnow. “This happened on a Friday afternoon close to closing time, but everyone was ready to go and did their part to help the mother from start to finish. I’m so proud of our team and grateful our patient and her newborn baby were okay.”

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