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Community Matters

A group of people standing next to baskets of fruits and vegetables

Community members sell fresh produce to WIC participants.

During the summer months of July, August and September, the OneWorld Women, Infants and Children (WIC) team hosted three farmers markets at the Livestock Exchange Health campus in partnership with Whispering Roots and the Big Garden.

Attendees who are WIC participants are given $50 from Whispering Roots to spend on fresh produce. The event is also open to the community.

Through the WIC program’s benefits, WIC participants are given a specific amount of funding each month to use for fruits and vegetables and other food items.

“When WIC participants go to these farmers markets they get a better variety of these items that they oftentimes can’t get at the grocery store, and they increase the amount of produce their families eat,” said WIC Manager, Ingrid Landin.

Landin said the farmers market events help around 150 families each summer get access to a variety of nutritional food items from local farms and vendors.

“This is an event by the community and for the community,” said Landin. “It’s one extra way we can help care for all people.”

Because Community Matters.

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