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Community matters

For over two decades, OneWorld has hosted a monthly tuberculosis clinic to provide treatment for individuals diagnosed with latent TB. Individuals are screened for TB at the OneWorld Quick Sick Clinic or during a medical appointment.

If the screening comes back positive, OneWorld schedules a chest x-ray to determine if the TB infection is active or latent. For positive/abnormal chest x-rays, OneWorld confers with the Douglas County Public Health Department to ensure individuals begin their treatment right away to limit the risk of a public health outbreak.

For negative/normal chest x-rays, OneWorld offers four- and nine- month treatment regimens. During patients’ first appointments, OneWorld clinicians review treatment plans and potential side effects and complete a blood draw to monitor the effects of the treatment.

Once treatment is completed, patients receive a treatment completion card and letter to refer to for future needs.

Regardless of TB type, OneWorld provides case management to ensure patients have a staff member to consult for questions and a direct resource for other needs such as financial or language assistance.

OneWorld’s TB clinics and screening efforts help maintain the low numbers of TB-related infection in the Greater Omaha area and prevent public health outbreaks. These proactive services help all members of the community have access to quality health care.

Because Community Matters. 

About OneWorld Quick Sick Clinic

The OneWorld Quick Sick Clinic provides same-day, convenient care for minor injuries and illnesses. As a walk-in clinic, the focus is on making quality care accessible by staying open evenings and on weekends. Staffed by medical professionals and clinicians trained to provide care for colds, earaches, flu, rashes, stitches, upper respiratory and sinus issues and more, the clinic is a vital community resource. Testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is also available.

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