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OneWorld 50 Years of Transforming Lives

Graphic of – Ms. Alfreda "Freddie" Ware

We would like to pay tribute to one of the Women from our History – Ms. Alfreda “Freddie” Ware – during Women’s History Month.

In the early 1970s, she served as the Community Health Coordinator and Director of the American Indian Center and Chicano Health Clinic – which would later become OneWorld Community Health Centers. During her time with the clinic, she was passionate about making health care accessible for everyone, particularly the underserved.

Freddie grew up on the Oil Spring Reservation in upstate New York, where her father was chief and her grandfather chief before him. She moved off the reservation when she was 14 and after living in Minnesota for some time, she would later move to Omaha.

We would like to honor Ms. Freddie for her dedication and compassionate care.

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