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The gift of time

OneWorld volunteers make big impact on patients, staff and community

When an individual gives their time to help an organization, the effects are life changing. This National Volunteer Month, OneWorld celebrates the over 140 active volunteers who give their time every month to help further the OneWorld mission.

“All of our volunteers are incredible and truly love helping others,” said Leslie Ibarra, Volunteer Specialist. “Their passion and dedication is inspiring. No matter what they are doing, they put their heart into the work and that makes a big impact on our patients, staff and community.”

OneWorld volunteers help with many programs and services. At the OneWorld Baby Boutique, volunteers help moms shop and checkout items and restock supplies for the store.

At the Learning Community Center of South Omaha, volunteers can help with childcare or be a class aide for English as a Second Language classes. Volunteers interested in helping with health care services can help provide basic health care screenings at the Mexican Consulate Health Window.

Individuals with a green thumb can help with garden maintenance and planting at the OneWorld community garden that benefits patients with diabetes. There are also opportunities to volunteer at community events, fundraising events and assisting with administrative tasks throughout each calendar year.

“Having a variety of opportunities allows us to help volunteers customize their experiences and connect with our patients and staff in unique ways,” said Ibarra.

Individuals interested in getting involved can apply to volunteer on the OneWorld website. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, or be accompanied by a legal guardian. OneWorld requires each volunteer to serve at least four hours per month.

After applying, individuals meet with Ibarra to arrange placement, attend a general orientation session, submit paperwork for a background check and complete any appropriate health and drug screenings.

“We could not do what we do without our volunteers,” said Ibarra. “They really encompass what it means to care for all people and bring our mission to life.”

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