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OneWorld launches new Patient Portal to enhance patient experience

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The OneWorld Operations team worked to launch a new Patient Portal, hosted through Intelichart.

In July 2023, OneWorld launched a new Patient Portal to diversify ways that patients can connect with OneWorld. The portal, hosted through Intelichart, combines a modern interface with accessibility and convenience to enhance the OneWorld patient experience.

“When deciding on a new portal, we looked for a vendor that could provide a modern display, flexibility and tight integration with our electronic health records,” said Operations Director, Jennifer Mayhew. “This new portal is very dynamic in that patients can now access medical information such as their lab results, radiology results or their immunization history wherever and whenever they want.”

The Intelichart app is available online and through a free app for iPhone and Android users.

The new, HIPAA compliant Patient Portal also allows patients to request medication refills, receive appointment reminders, send secure messages to their clinician and complete forms before their scheduled appointment to reduce in-office wait time.

“Not only is information more accessible with this new portal, but it is also allows our care teams to customize the access of information to meet our care delivery needs and prioritize patient privacy,” said Healthcare Project Manager, Robin Nelson.

The OneWorld Operations team also plans to offer online scheduling for medical appointments through the Patient Portal.

“When we begin to offer online scheduling we are going to do it in phases and start small so we can make adjustments as needed,” said Nelson. “We want to take the extra time to make sure everything operates as it should so our patients have a great experience.”

The new Patient Portal demonstrates OneWorld’s commitment to provide exceptional services by adapting to patient needs, inside and outside the clinic. Many OneWorld patients and staff prefer to use online servicing over phone servicing, and Intelichart makes that possible.

Mayhew said the operations team set high expectations for their team to provide fast response times to further differentiate OneWorld’s quality services and to make sure the portal is a resource patients want to use and can rely on.

“Health equity is about more than just providing access to underserved populations,” said Mayhew. “It starts with a clinical visit and that care team, but it should extend to all areas where a patient is interacting with us. We are striving for the best because we want to be the best.”

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