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Community Matters

Diabetes Patient Association

Volunteers help maintain the community garden.

In 2015, OneWorld formed the Diabetes Patient Association to give patients with diabetes the opportunity to connect with one another. Together, the group participates in activities that generate income including garage sales and community garden sales. Funds raised are used to support individuals suffering from diabetes and living in poverty.

Led by Hans Dethlefs, MD, Family Medicine Physician, the group maintains a community garden located in South Omaha. In the springtime, Dr. Dethlefs, group members and OneWorld volunteers prepare the garden for spring planting. Patients manage the watering and harvesting each year, and then consume and sell the produce. Dr. Dethlefs works with group members to grow all of the plants for the garden from seed and coordinates sale opportunities.

The patient association offers an opportunity for patients to be part of the mission to improve their own health and ultimately the health of the Omaha community at large.

Because Community Matters.

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