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OneWorld Strong – Covid Super Heroes

OneWorld providers with protective coverings standing in a group cheering

It is often in the face of adversity when people rise above the circumstances. Through OneWorld acts of kindness and doing what is right our patients are receiving the care they need.  Our entire employee population has rallied together to fight the spread of Covid-19, and they continue to rise to the occasion, pressing forward keeping themselves and the community as healthy as possible.

We have seen how taking the extra steps when it comes to patient care can literally save a life!

“I am really glad that we are getting oxygen levels on everyone in CAT (COVID Assessment Team) lab. Yesterday we found a patient to be hypoxic saturations were in the 80s.  I went out and listened to her and her lungs sounded bad and sent the individual to the ER. She was found to have pneumonia- COVID negative. Had we not added this to the protocol, this woman likely would have gotten tested and sent home to await results and could have decompensated.” -Giana Boyle, PA-C

In addition to the extra medical protocols, communication during a time like this is so important. Even under normal circumstances people often have feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when they have an illness that requires them to visit the doctor. Imagine already having heightened anxiety and needing to receive medical care somewhere where no one speaks your language.

“Love my job! I’ve been talking to this mother whose son is in the hospital. He coded on 5/27, had a surgery and was sent back to the ICU. We are the only source of information to this family because no one speaks English in their house. They love Dr. Menning, she’s been updating mother and family on patient conditions. Mother said she’s looking forward every couple days for our phone call.” –Maribel Muniz, Case Management Team

As businesses have had to lay off workers and people have been forced into quarantine, the financial strain on, families in our communities we care for have been tremendous. At OneWorld our doctors and nurses work with our Social Work and Behavioral Health teams provide resources and assistance to help get people back on their feet.

“Dr. Donna Faber dropped off groceries on the porch of a quarantined family. Six daughters and their mother are in quarantine after their father passed away due to COVID-19 at not receiving care over the weekend. Sarah Miller, and the social workers with Nikki West are working to help this family with the financial challenges as they mourn in seclusion.” James Connelly and Glenda McKenna have also reached out to provide emotional support.” -Dr. Kris McVea, Chief Medical Officer

We are proud of the work and comment to quality care from all of our OneWorld staff. We would like to say thank you to all of our super heroes for doing such a great job supporting our patients and keeping them safe.

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