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Open Hearts and Supportive Ears

OneWorld fights mental health stigma at Teen and Young Adult Health Centers

A child sitting on a couch

Anxiety levels and depression rates continue to rise nationwide, especially amongst teenagers. While the numbers increase each year, the stigma of mental health remains. World Teen Mental Wellness Day, observed on March 2, is dedicated to breaking the stigma and raising awareness about the mental health issues teenagers deal with.

Anyone can struggle with mental health. OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Centers offer Behavioral Health services to provide a safe space for teens to process the pressures they face without judgement.

“Our clinics are like small villages,” said LaTisha McCants, Behavioral Health Specialist. “It takes a village to raise a child, and we offer excellent services to our patients to be the village they need.”

Behavioral Health services are integrated into the Teen and Young Adult Health Centers, breaking down access barriers and ensuring patients receive the care they need. When clinicians recognize a teen may benefit from Behavioral Health services, they connect the patient to an onsite therapist.

“Recently, a patient came to our clinic in crisis,” said Dr. Amy Lacroix, Pediatric Physician. “LaTisha agreed to follow up with them and helped talk the patient down. They talked until 7 p.m. This patient has a horrible home life, no one to talk to and is self-medicating. They need a lot of support, and I know the patient appreciated LaTisha’s extra time with them.”

Since their initial conversation, LaTisha followed up with the patient and they created a follow-up plan.

“I cultivate trust with my patients by meeting them where they are,” said LaTisha. “I promote a safe space for them, allowing them to utilize their voice to express their thoughts and feelings with an open heart and supportive ears.”

OneWorld is dedicated to ending the stigma around mental health.

At OneWorld, We Care for All People.

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