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Putting the pieces together

Medical Mobile team helps young patient reclaim his physical and mental health

Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Tanya Martin, PA-C, and Health Assistant, Nancy Castillo, standing outside medical mobile smiling.

Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Tanya Martin, PA-C, and Health Assistant, Nancy Castillo, work on the Medical Mobile.

When Noah* stepped onto the OneWorld Medical Mobile Clinic for the first time, he was struggling to stay awake and isolating himself in his classroom. Noah’s teachers and school staff initiated the referral out of concern for his well-being.

Once they received permission from his mother, his teacher and school principal walked Noah over to the Medical Mobile.

A medical evaluation and lab draw confirmed Noah’s Vitamin D levels were extremely deficient, and as a result, his body was battling fatigue, weakness and depression.

“Through interviewing his mother, we learned Noah spent most of his time indoors playing video games and was rarely outside,” said Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Tanya Martin, PA-C. “His mother said Noah has a skin growth and was told by a dermatologist to avoid being in the sun.”

Medical provider Tanya Martin standing in a clinic room smiling

Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Tanya Martin, PA-C.

Noah began taking Vitamin D supplements and had regular checkups at the Medical Mobile to monitor his progress.

School staff walked Noah to his appointments and reported on his progress. Health Assistant, Nancy Castillo, said his teacher had a notebook to track changes in Noah’s behavior.

“His teacher was very persistent in finding care for Noah,” said Castillo. “Their notes were a puzzle piece that helped us see the full picture and help him the best way possible.”

Throughout his appointments, Martin called his mother so she could participate in the appointments and play an active role in his treatment plan.

“We learned Noah’s mother was unable to attend his appointments because she had a transportation barrier,” said Martin. “His mom was initially hesitant to the medical visits, but after some time, she became comfortable with our team and was receptive to medical advice.”

Overtime Noah grew more comfortable with the Medical Mobile team and started entering the mobile clinic with a smile on his face and conversing with the team throughout his appointments.

“It made me happy that our team was able to help Noah,” said Castillo. “Caring for our patients is about more than providing medical services; it’s taking the extra step to understand their situation so we can best help them be successful.”

Six months later, Noah was no longer falling asleep and had a bright attitude. The team said Noah’s teachers were happy with his progress and reported that he was making friends at school.

“There were obstacles in place before Noah came to see us including transportation barriers, communication complications between home and school and lack of knowledge of the importance of spending time outside,” said Martin. “It is important to remember that a lot of times there are other factors contributing to a situation, and that people are usually doing the best they can in the circumstances they are given. Education, follow through and kindness can make a big difference.”

*Name has been changed to protect the patient’s privacy.

Health care on wheels

Graphic of OneWorld Medical MobileOneWorld Community Health Center’s Medical Mobile Clinic brings quality medical and behavioral health care to area schools. Open year-round, our mobile clinic is staffed by clinicians with experience in pediatric and adolescent care.

Any student of Ralston, Bellevue or Westside Community Schools and their siblings, ages two months to 19 years old, can receive care on our Medical Mobile with parent/guardian consent.

Our clinic provides a variety of treatments and services including behavioral health counseling, immunizations, sick visits, rapid testing for strep throat, influenza and Covid-19, well child checks and school and sports physicals.

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