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OneWorld Women’s Health: Dedicated to quality, full-scope care

During one of Meredith Rudish’s first on call shifts as a OneWorld Midwife, she delivered three babies in 24 hours. When Rudish, CNM, reflects on that memory, she is most moved that each mother she assisted was from a different continent.

“That was such a neat experience, and it stuck with me,” said Rudish. “There I was in the middle of the United States, yet I was taking care of women from around the world. I’m honored to provide care for such a diverse patient community and be a part of a team that is trusted to do so at some of the most intimate moments of a mother’s and baby’s life.”

OneWorld offers full-scope, patient-centered women’s health care services at every clinical location. From annual wellness exams, pelvic floor physical therapy, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and urinary incontinence, reproductive health education to pre- and post- menopausal care, the Women’s Health team provides affordable, comprehensive care to help women stay healthy throughout their lives.

At the Women’s Health clinic, located on the Livestock Exchange Health campus, patients can work with midwives, OB-GYNs and family medicine clinicians for their prenatal and postpartum care.

“I went to OneWorld for my prenatal care for all three of my children,” said Cassie, OneWorld patient. “Everyone I worked with respected my decisions and listened to me. I really appreciated that everyone I worked with let me have a voice in my care plan.”

Home to Nebraska’s largest midwifery group

In addition to family medicine clinicians and Creighton OB-GYN residents, OneWorld’s six certified nurse midwives round out the OneWorld Women’s Health team.

With over 90 years of combined experience, the OneWorld midwifery team sees patients at the Women’s Health clinic and helps patients deliver their babies at Bergan Mercy hospital.

“I received so much education during my pregnancy, and I was treated very well when I delivered my baby,” said Alieda, OneWorld patient. “After giving birth, Courtney Cowardin, CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife, connected me to OneWorld Pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Lehn, for my child’s care, and I still see her for my own care at the Women’s Health clinic. I am so thankful for everything OneWorld has done to help me and my child. They truly care for everyone.”

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