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Ripples of Positive Change

OneWorld Quick Sick clinic emphasizes health education

Adrian Fernandez, Quick Sick Clinical Services Supervisor, with Hugo, OneWorld patient.

Adrian Fernandez, Quick Sick Clinical Services Supervisor, with Hugo, OneWorld patient.

When Hugo came to the OneWorld Quick Sick clinic in late April, he was experiencing abdominal pain and nausea. A vitals review, lab draw and electrocardiogram led to Hugo’s diagnosis of acid reflux. What began as a painful unknown turned into a treatable condition and the beginning of Hugo’s journey with OneWorld.

“When I came here I had a lot of pain,” said Hugo. “I was confident with what my doctors told me and I think they helped me with my health a lot.”

After his appointment, Hugo went to the OneWorld Pharmacy for medication to treat his acid reflux and scheduled a follow up appointment at the OneWorld Bellevue clinic.

National Male Health Month is observed during the month of June to encourage men to prioritize their health. The CDC reported men die at higher rates every year from heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries compared to women.

Adrian Fernandez, Quick Sick Clinical Services Supervisor, said male patients who come to the Quick Sick clinic oftentimes have high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping or minor injuries.

“In our community, I think a lot of males are raised to think they don’t need to be seen by a medical clinician,” said Adrian. “Sometimes they wait to come in until they’re hanging by a single thread. While our clinic is about rapid care, our providers go into detail with each patient to make sure they have the tools and resources they need to move forward and improve their health.”

Hugo said he went to the OneWorld Quick Sick Clinic because his friends mentioned the clinic accepted walk-in appointments. As soon as he received the address, he went on his way to get help.

“I want to stay well,” said Hugo. “I don’t like feeling unwell, and I want to be able to have fun with my family.”

Hugo, OneWorld patient, wearing a face mask.

Hugo, OneWorld patient.

With Quick Sick’s strong emphasis on health education, walk-in appointments for something such as Hugo’s abdominal pain can turn into life changing moments that lead to a healthier life for every person who enters the clinic.

Adrian said he hopes this perspective of care creates ripples of positive change in patient’s lives that spread to their families and friends.

“We care about our patients and our community,” said Adrian. “We want everyone who comes to our clinic to leave with information, resources and an understanding of what their next steps of care are. We’re a diverse clinic and we accept everyone.”

At OneWorld All Are Welcome.

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